BamBoo is a D.I.Y. band from Toronto, Ontario. Everything from their music, to their videos, to their light shows and merch BamBoo strive to do independently.

For the last year they have experimented with different studios and approaches to recording and released two of three 3-song EP’s in an attempt to fine-tune and craft their sound. With the release of their final 3-song EP, ‘Cheers’ (April 14th, 2018), band members Steve Benjamins, Marcus Retterath, Nick Collett and Michael Schmidt have come to a consensus on where their sound and their hearts lie. Earcatching vocal melodies partnered with indie-pop instrumentation have landed BamBoo a spot in the Toronto music community where fans, friends and family alike can sing (and often times
play!) along and find something meaningful for themselves amongst the flurry of lights, harmonies and emotion that is BamBoo.